About Us

What we strive for:
• M.A.C.S.S. core business is to provide contract safety services to
organizations whose aim is to achieve a performance benchmark far
superior to that of their peers
Why we are different:
• We make sure that the end product is both user friendly and financially
viable for your business
• We make safety inherent in your system
• We keep it, simple, effective and compliant

The Client
• Your input to the build process makes it your system
• We help you understand your obligations through the process
• We help you understand what you need
• We assist from start to finish so you are never fumbling
through on your own

Meeting The Need
We can assist you to:
• Influence the culture in your organization
• Change attitudes
• Ensure the system works
• Coach & Mentor
• Provide a balanced approach to management systems and
behavioral programs

Practical, cost effective solutions that work
• Ability to mobilise within a short time frame and flexibility in
project arrangements
• Confidence in knowing that you will be legislatively compliant
as well as business suitable
The only appropriate commitment toward safety performance is the
elimination of all worker injury